Contactless Card Payment Systems: Making Laundry Easier

contactless card payment systems

Contactless card payment systems are beneficial for both laundry business owners and customers. Having the funds deposited to your account is a safe and secure process, not having to keep them in your store. It’s not advisable to keep a huge amount of cash with you because you can lose it when you are not careful. You can choose to deposit your sales to the bank every day, but this can take time. With contactless payments, you do not have to worry about depositing or keeping your cash. 

To consumers, paying with your card or mobile is definitely a lot more convenient and a lot faster. We will talk about the benefits of contactless card payment systems in this article and why you should consider implementing this.

Why Switch to Contactless Payment Systems 

Below are the reasons why we think it’s better for businesses to go with contactless card payment systems for their laundry business. 


With contactless payments, you do not have to worry about losing your money. Depending on the type of contactless payment, you may get your funds right away or within the day, or a couple of days. If you are a consumer, it’s safer to not carry cash with you and instead use a card when paying for the services rendered. 

With our laundry card systems, your customers can just purchase a reloadable laundry card. Instead of paying with cash or credit card, they can instead just load value to their laundry card which they can use as payment. You have peace of mind knowing it’s no longer necessary to bring cash or your credit card with you. 

No More Coins

Using coins when paying for laundry can be inconvenient. The last thing you want is to go back to your apartment or home just to get more coins. With contactless payment, all you need is a card or phone, depending on the type of contactless payment you will implement. With our systems, your customers will no longer need to carry quarters or use bill changers. They can purchase just one card and use that for all their laundry needs. 


Some contactless payment systems offer flexible reloading options. Customers can add funds to their laundry card with their credit or debit card, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay, making it quicker and more convenient. Some systems may have advanced features such as QR codes. It’s better to speak to the vendor to know what type of contactless payment is right for your laundry business. 

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