Introducing Clothesline Mobile

Laundry At Your Fingertips

Bringing cutting edge technology into the laundry room has always been FMB’s priority. That’s why we’ve developed Clothesline Mobile, an app that offers both residents and property managers an all access pass to their laundry room facility from their cellphones. Read More about our partnership with KioSoft mobile payment solutions.

With Clothesline Mobile, residents will be able to:

  • Receive Alerts When Laundry is Complete
  • View Machine Availability and Remaining Cycle Time
  • Check SmartCard/Account Balance
  • Start Laundry Machines via Bluetooth
  • Ability to Request Refunds from the app

With these features, we add a layer of convenience to the laundry room experience that wasn’t there before.

“My residents enjoy using Clothesline Mobile. It makes their laundry room experience more convenient, and has brought our laundry room into the 21st century.” – Nadine R.

Property Manager Benefits

Property Managers love Clothesline Mobile because it guarantees a focus on excellent service, eliminates the dated usage of coin-operated machines, and provides residents the convenience they are looking for. Very few laundry facilities offer mobile payment options, so with Clothesline, your facility has the upper hand! Some other features that property managers enjoy about Clothesline:

  • Provides a Cashless Laundry Room Experience
  • Completely Auditable 
  • Modernizes the Laundry Room Facility 
  • Ability to Request Service from the app
  • PCI Compliant 

Operating through PCI Compliance, Clothesline Mobile offers safe transactions for credit and debit card users! 

Available in the App Store &

Google Play Store

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