Why Your Business Should Invest in an In-House Laundry System

Doing laundry is one of life’s necessities that most people do without thinking. The way that washing and drying clothes has become part of our daily lives is a strong reason why you should think about having an in-house laundry system at your business.

Almost any type of establishment you can think of could benefit from having laundry equipment on-site. However, there are some entities for which the option is particularly economical. They include:

  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Athletic facilities
  • Restaurants


Save Time When Keeping Items Clean

Being able to do laundry without leaving your property is a huge perk, especially if you’re dealing with large quantities of items. Think of how much time it would take to go to off-site locations and launder 100 tablecloths after a catered wedding or the uniforms of all the players and support personnel associated with a football team, for example.

An in-house system boosts your productivity. It makes it possible to keep items clean and ready for future use without having to travel to laundry facilities in another place.

Promote Better Employee Compliance

Having access to laundry equipment on-site also works well if your business requires people to wear a particular uniform while at work. You could implement a process where workers take off their company-approved clothes before leaving to go home, then return to find the uniforms freshly washed, dried and ready to wear for the next shift.

Taking this approach eliminates the possibility that employees might damage your businesses’ image by showing up in attire that’s wrinkled or stained. It also ensures they won’t come to work and confess that they forgot to wear a work uniform altogether.

Furthermore, you’ll always have clean uniforms for people to wear once they’ve just gotten hired. There is no need to delay their start dates while waiting for ordered garments to arrive.

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